Masters of Television: Chantelle Grieve

Tiny Chantelle owns the huge Channel 4 sign

We caught up with Master of TV Chantelle Grieve as in the last week of her internship with Channel 4’s Box Plus network last month. Unbelievably (she was still technically a student at this point), this was not her first job of the summer.

“Doing the Masters has opened so many doors, I’m on my second job and haven’t completed the course yet! I had my university placement at Tern TV over the Christmas break then got asked back for paid work as a junior researcher at the end of June. Now I am in London working for Channel 4s Box Plus Network.”

As if two jobs isn’t enough, Chantelle also managed to fit in a work placement at the BBC. 

“I flew from Tern in Belfast on Tuesday and started BBC on the Wednesday morning. It was a placement that I won as part of a competition held by the BBC, a few of us decided to enter our format show idea, Out of the Woods.

We got shortlisted, presented in front of industry people and won it.  Then that Friday I left for London work for Channel 4’s Box Plus Network. The experience has been surreal to say the least, but the course has pointed me in all the right directions.”

The Factual TV  Masters at Stirling has been a game-changer for Chantelle.

“The MSc was a last-minute decision for me but by far the best one I’ve made. It has taught me development, production and technical skills. Early on the MSc gives you the chance and support to network with industry people, which has been the best thing for my career.   

It has given me all the skills needed for the industry and the support from the university has been amazing. Having the chance to delve into every element of production has equipped me with skills that others are unlikely to have.

Without the MSc I would still be struggling to know exactly what it is I wanted to do within the industry. The TV Masters gives you the knowledge you need to go into the industry that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

Chantelle at work in the edit at Channel 4’s Box Plus network

Her advice to anyone else hoping to get a foot on the ladder?

“Have faith in what you’re doing. Just try and absorb as much as you can. If you want to do camera or edit, take time to actually use the equipment and software, it’s so important to have those skills.

Sign up to LinkedIn – it’s career suicide if you don’t. I researched my Box Plus boss on Linked in and she could see that I was doing my research; it helped me get the job.

Make contacts. It’s easier said than done, I’m not the type to jump on someone and ask for a job, but you’ve got to just branch yourself out. And go to Focus on Scotland, that’s where I got my placement, that’s where it all started for me.”

And with that perfectly placed plug, we’ll salute Chantelle and give you the link to sign up – free places still available for anyone interested in building a career in factual TV.