30 Years of PR @ Stirling

Free symposium: 30 Years of PR @ Stirling
Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Venue: Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland, UK
The University of Stirling celebrates 30 years of public relations education. We will mark the occasion with a symposium ’30 Years of PR @ Stirling: Critical reflections on past, present and future directions in public relations’ on Wednesday, 17 October 2018. The symposium will include panel and roundtable discussions with prominent public relations scholars who have played a key role in shaping public relations at Stirling and beyond.
The University of Stirling was the first in the UK to introduce a degree in public relations at a postgraduate level and one of the first in Europe. Several prominent public relations academics and practitioners have completed their education at Stirling. As such, it has had a significant influence on public relations education and research in the UK and beyond. Stirling is known as the “cradle” of critical public relations scholarship and has through the years hosted and brought together world-leading academics and played a central role in pursuing new directions and shaping public relations research agenda.
The event starts at 11.30am and finishes at 6pm.
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Jacquie L’Etang
  • Magda Pieczka, Queen Margaret University
  • Lee Edwards, London School of Economics
  • Danny Moss, University of Chester
  • Tom Watson, Bournemouth University
  • Jordi Xifra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • Will Dinan, University of Stirling
  • Derek Hodge, University of Stirling
  • Alenka Jelen-Sanchez, University of Stirling

The event is free to attend, but please book your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/30-years-of-pr-stirling-tickets-50404349767?ref=estw
For any enquiries, please contact Alenka Jelen-Sanchez (alenka.jelen@stir.ac.uk).