Factual Film Competition

Stirling University Campus shoots

We love Factual TV here at Stirling. We teach it all day, and watch it all night (nearly). We love working with factual content so much, we’ve launched a Masters in it.
A unique mix of factual development and production, designed and built with our clever friends in the TV industry, we’re really proud of our new course. So proud, in fact, that we we’re celebrating its launch with a competition for best factual content made by students this year. With CASH prizes!
So if you were a student in 2017-18 and made a short factual film, give it a shot at glory. Enter our Focus on Factual film challenge now.
The competition is open to any student factual film made in 2017/18. The winner, chosen by a panel of industry experts, will be announced in October 2018 at our festival of factual, Focus on Scotland.
CASH PRIZES! Enter now!
To find out more about how to apply, download our entry form here:  FoS FACT COMP how to enter
To find out more about our new factual television Masters, visit the University webpage here