What's the Point of Feminist Media Studies? Review of Professor Karen Boyle's Inaugural Lecture

Karen04If the applause, cheers and whistles at the end of Professor Karen Boyle’s inaugural lecture were anything to go by, it’s fair to say that it went down a storm.

Professor Boyle managed to do what is likely to be the biggest challenge when giving an inaugural lecture (perhaps apart from keeping everyone focussed on the lecture when it’s the only thing standing between the audience and a wine reception): She delivered material in a way that was meaningful, enriching, thought-provoking and inspiring to an extremely diverse audience – all while providing an important contribution to and assessment of (the state of) the discipline.

Karen03The crowd consisted of colleagues from CMC, academics from other disciplines, family, friends, friends of friends, former colleagues, former mentors, former PhD students and current students, to name just a few. The lecture provided plenty of food for thought and made a tangible impression on everyone in the audience. It was an apt indication of the impact Professor Boyle has had since her arrival in Stirling last year.

Here are some of the reactions to the lecture:

“Bold, subtle, angry and funny without losing any of her splendid authority…” (Professor John Izod)

“It was incisive, accessible and entertaining!  I also felt a little dazed after having listened to such a full-on feminist address in Pathfoot lecture theatre.  Fabulous!” (Dr Alison Jasper)

“Karen’s lecture was both very interesting and very inspiring. It would be great if we could bottle her enthusiasm and ability to inspire others!” (Dr Margot Buchanan)

“Fabulous lecture, clearly outlining the significant legacy of feminist thought in media studies generally, and its continued importance in today’s accelerated social media culture, where consequences of sexist behaviour and the subtle repressive nature of patriarchal institutions, often appear to slip by unchecked” (Dr Greg Singh)

“Fabulous lecture – loved the way Karen really hit home with her arguments using humour as well as bewilderingly depressing examples.  Inspirational and thought-provoking” (Suzy Angus)

“Great lecture! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was also a great call to further engagement” (Dr Michael Marten)

You can listen to Karen’s lecture again right here