Former Stirling Film & Media student receives master degree with distinction from the University of Edinburgh

Christine AuerThis picture shows one of our international alumni, Christine Auer from Germany (left), together with her mother next to McEwan Hall, right after the University of Edinburgh’s postgraduate graduation ceremony in November 2013 (link:

For those wondering what they can do with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Studies with Film and Media from the University of Stirling: One option is obtaining a postgraduate law degree (LLM) in intellectual property law from the University of Edinburgh. That’s what Christine did after her graduation from the University of Stirling in spring 2012 and reflecting on her undergraduate programme, she is more than happy with her choice:

“I was so fed up with people trying to tell me that there’s nothing I could do with this ‘film stuff’ but you should never just choose a programme without listening to your heart. Stirling gave me the freedom to pursue a double degree that let me combine courses in the fields of both Communications, Media & Culture and Business and I was therefore able to study a very broad selection of subjects that I’m interested in – and believe me, it’s this interest that really keeps you going and that can help you find out what you want your life to be about.”

Christine is currently working for the University of Munich’s Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (link: where her doctoral research touches upon topics such as the impact of communication and cultural representation on the adoption of new technologies for the content industries and the legal implications in facilitating innovation.

We wish her all the best on her way and are looking forward to keep hearing from her!